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Aug. 15th, 2013

It's been too long since I've posted here, and probably by now everyone uses Facebook as their primary means of blogging.  Still, I've gotten back to journaling in the Real World, so I thought I'd return to LJ for doing so electronically.  Y'know, for those posts that require you to go on at some length, and you just don't want a million "friends" reading.

Hope to see/read y'all 'round the net!

Happy B-Day

It's grenadier32's birthday!  Many happy returns, my friend!


Washed the Gnome's hair yesterday with anti-lice shampoo, as is the custom.  And yet, the asshat managed to find lice--his quote was that the child was "infected"--despite the evidence that there were only three lice in the Gnome's hair when I shampooed and combed it.  I don't know what's going on.  A good friend of mine suggested that they've been building up a resistance and that I ought to switch to something else.  She recommended mineral oil as a means of suffocating them.  So Nene & I tried just that not a few minutes ago.  Again, we were inhabited with a dearth of lice.  I don't know how my son could be "infested."

Dreams Again

Slept well last night.  Persistently had the same dream throughout, though; very odd.

I Had the Oddest Dream, Last Night

I was in a house that was both my mother's and my mother-in-law's.  There was a river of water flowing down the street, and on it were several two-person jet skis.  These jet skis were carrying policemen & -women.  For some reason, they wanted inside our house.  Just on principle, I was inclined to deny them entry without a warrant.  Also, I was under the belief that my MIL wouldn't be comfortable with police in the house.  Mom, OTOH, was willing to let them in on the principle that one ought to be "a good citizen and be nice to the police or they could do far worse  than just knock at your door."  Ultimately, they did do far worse; they knocked our front door down and into several small pieces.  Turns out, they believed the house to be connected to some crime that had occurred while it was a small movie house.  Thing was, our house hadn't been a movie house since Prohibition.  The cops were obviously working with out-of-date information.  They apologized and promised to hire someone to get the door fixed.  And that's about when I woke up.

Now I'm not one to do drugs, but I wanna know what was in that pepperoni pizza I had last night.

We Have A New Toy!

Our lawn mover was on its last legs...er, wheels...and so Nene asked her mother's boyfriend--an all around nice fellow--to bring it to a shop to see if it could be fixed one last time.

It couldn't.  Instead, he brought back a sweet machine that (a) does not require me to pump gas into the engine, (b) is self-propelled, and (c) has a hose attachment that allows one to clean the blade & undercarriage while running the engine.  This has been such a bonus as the lawn was threatening to grow into a jungle.  Now, it's shorn & clean and I'm proud to look upon it again.  'Course, what with the weather it's wetter than Louisiana bayou, but what ya gonna do, right? :-)

May. 4th, 2013

To one and all: May the 4th be with you!  :-)

Spent most of the day with the Gnome.  At three Mom exchanged the Katydid for the Gnome.  Now the little girl's pissed C4 won't let her in his room.  Five year old drama...oy.  C4's gf is here, and the plan is to all go to the local carnival.  This should be fun!

A good friend of mine--an old girlfriend, in fact--is feeling ill.  She was suffering a 105 deg fever.  Fortunately, it's since gone down, but any healing energy you all can send would be most appreciated.  Thank you.


Saw Iron Man 3 tonight.  Decent movie.  I won't give away any spoilers save that War Machine gets a new red, white, and blue paint job and is renamed "Iron Patriot."  The Gnome came with me and enjoyed the film along with me.  He was well behaved, only asking questions when absolutely necessary and otherwise remaining quiet.  Jim was originally supposed to have accompanied us, but he's low on cash and decided to save his somolians for Star Trek: Into Darkness. I can understand that.


I got a letter in the mail from Social Security, today.  In part, that letter read:

"After careful review of the entire record, I [Judge Wright] find that the claimant [me] was disabled as of November 21, 2011, the date the application for supplemental security income was filed, and that the claimant's disability has continued through the date of this decision."

In other words, pinch me, I won!  Social Security is in fact going to award me disability pay!  I won!

Apr. 22nd, 2013

Increasingly unclear if Nene wants me around or not.



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